Energy-related costs exert a lot of pressure on your budget. As buildings age, costs become harder to control. Our energy services team specializes in turning these aging infrastructures into sustainable energy environments, focusing on conserving energy, building optimization and increasing sustainability, all while improving your bottom line.

Working closely with you throughout your building’s lifecycle, our associates bring industry-leading knowledge, expertise and trust to the construction phase and every phase beyond. With our commitment to state-of-the-art technology, innovation, continuous improvement, and sustainability in every aspect of what we do, we bring buildings——and client partnerships——into the future.


Your Challenge: Realizing Unrealized Savings

Even if you employ the most innovative technology in your infrastructure, any deficit in trained staff, verifiable data or resources can mean unnecessary consumption and unrealized savings. While investing in the right equipment is important, continuous commissioning is vital to avoid wasteful expenditures and ensure both high performance and occupant comfort.

building optimizationOur Solution: Intelligent Services

Through Intelligent Services, Harshaw Trane watches your building in real time. Our experts analyze data extracted from your system and transform it into fact-based strategies that save energy, improve building performance, minimize risk and reduce total operational costs.

Your Challenge: Managing Your Capital

Because facilities are constantly evolving, it’s essential that you have a trusted adviser to help you anticipate your needs. A comprehensive capital plan is key to ensuring that your facilities and maintenance budgets are met every year. But without expert analysis, it’s difficult to interpret facility data to create a long-term capital plan that’s aligned with organizational goals.

Our Solution: Expert Financial Analysis and Resources

Harshaw Trane’s engineers and analysts work directly with you to determine the future of infrastructure and equipment maintenance requirements, phasing and cost. Our detailed assessments allow you to prioritize capital projects, measure capital asset ROI and create a case for funding needs. As the Commonwealth’s largest energy services company, we can also provide financing options directly or through non-traditional capital sources such as the Guaranteed Energy Savings Project and EPAD.

Create an EZone

Ezone, building optimizationEnergy-efficiency upgrades to existing buildings are not often treated favorably by lenders and can be very expensive to self-fund.  As a client of Harshaw Trane, you can work with the State’s exclusive EZone EPAD Team.  Responsible for drafting legislation and carrying the bill on behalf of state property owners, we make it possible to create EZones.  Projects that qualify include those that increase energy efficiency through lighting, HVAC improvements, and on-site renewable energy or water conservation projects. To learn more about EPAD, go to www.epad-ezone.com.

Guaranteed Energy Savings Projects

KRS 45A.352 permits Commonwealth school districts to utilize excess utility expenditures to fund and implement energy-efficient equipment improvements that positively impact the learning environment. At Harshaw Trane, we help clients preserve capital, improve maintenance and operations, reduce operating expenses and improve learning conditions through a performance-based, energy cost-reduction program.

Your Challenge: Comfort & Energy Consumption

A typical building’s energy consumption is driven largely by the HVAC system, at over 60 percent, followed by the lighting system——perhaps the two biggest factors in ensuring occupant comfort and productivity. Add to this major operational expense the ongoing rise in energy costs, and it becomes clear  just how critical saving energy has become to the sustainable success of organizations.

Our Solution: Sustainable Design

Energy conservation measures (ECMs) recommended and implemented by Harshaw Trane can totally transform an operating budget, delivering long-term utility cost savings without compromising comfort or indoor air quality.

With a holistic approach and unmatched expertise, we set out to fully understand the mission of your business, applying the right methodology, products and services to achieve that mission. And then we remain your partner going forward, making sure that benefits are measurable and continuously improving from year to year.

Ultimately, we at Harshaw Trane are in the business of building optimization, and are wholly committed to the creation of sustainable energy environments——and to our partnership with you.