Hospital Boiler Plant Renovation

Harrison County Hospital has been serving the people of Harrison County, Indiana since 1950. Today, the hospital attends to the healthcare needs of approximately 60,000 residents of Harrison and Crawford counties, Indiana and Meade County, Kentucky.


  • Inefficient boiler plant
  • Particular brand of burners was no longer being produced, creating a risk of not being able to procure parts in the case of an equipment failure
  • In addition, the boilers and burners were over-sized for the facility, causing a 5% annual loss in energy due to the equipment having to constantly start and stop.
  • Continuous starting and stopping also caused boiler pressure vessel expansion and contraction, which led to tube and tube sheet leakage, adding repair costs.
  • The boiler plant was generating steam for sterilization, building heat, and domestic hot water, which means it was operating year round.


  • Replace the inefficient burners with new Limpsfield burners which eliminated complicated linkage between valves and dampers that create points of wear.
  • The burners are also equipped with new burner head technology, which uses less fuel to perform the same amount of work.
  • Short cycling was also mitigated by means of an improved turn down rate, which has resolved tube sheet and tube failures.
  • The Limpsfield burners are online at all times, conserving energy that was previously being lost through the boiler stack.


  •  The renovation of Harrison County Hospital’s boiler plant was completed in April 2014.
  • Boiler plant technology was upgraded, allowing the existing equipment to run more efficiently.
  • The boiler plant now uses less natural gas than before, resulting in an annual savings of 6% in fuel, 8% in emissions and 89% for repair costs.
  • Harshaw Trane was also able to secure an $800 rebate for Harrison County Hospital to offset the cost of the project through their utility provider.