Intelligent Services used to prevent problems and track energy efficiency

City Hall sought better use of taxpayers’ dollars through energy conservation measures installed in their newly renovated 12,000 square foot NCS Building, as well as several other buildings within their jurisdiction.


  • Cost – Use funds from Harshaw Trane’s partnership on the successful Guaranteed Energy Savings project with the city to fund new energy saving projects, required equipment, lighting upgrades and other conservation measures for the new NCS Building and four other city buildings.
  • Old Equipment – HVAC, boiler and other energy systems were ineffective and abandoned.
  • Fiscal Responsibility – Provide minimal impact to budget while achieving comfort and energy conservation goals so city government can focus on taxpayers’ needs and public policies, save money on energy, and funnel saved dollars to pay off the project.

Harshaw Trane had already established an ongoing, successful relationship with the staff of The City of Bowling Green. This familiarity with their needs and situation allowed Harshaw Trane project managers a unique perspective for how to properly address the city’s energy conservation priorities.


  • Performed energy audit drawing upon the expertise of 300 associates from a variety of disciplines, including: engineering, financing, project management, and training and service.
  • Facility manager training empowered city employees to take ownership of their systems and achieved optimal operation and energy savings.
  • Integrated all new systems into one common building automation with web access and Intelligent Services so energy efficiency could be monitored in real time.
  • Prepared distinctive solutions for the unique needs for each building after identifying energy conservation measures:
    • NCS building – HVAC system, controls system and LED lighting
    • City Hall and Annex – High efficiency boilers
    • Police Station – LED parking lot lighting and high-efficiency boiler


  • Projected annual energy savings of approximately $21,400 for the city.
  • City officials are able to monitor new equipment using Intelligent Services to prevent future problems and track energy efficiency.
  • The work environment is now safe, comfortable and efficient allowing government officials to sufficiently perform their duties focusing their time and resources on citizens.
  • Greater transparency and fiscal accountability is realized by taxpayers through the use of energy dashboards located at City Hall.