City-wide Automated Meter Reading and Web-based Controls

City government implemented Harshaw Trane’s Guaranteed Energy Savings project to attain modern water meter equipment, lighting upgrades, energy conservation, greater technology control, and reduced facility energy cost.


  • Old Equipment – 90% of the city’s 1,272 water meters were over 10 years old.
  • Cost – Aging infrastructure increased energy costs.
  • Fiscal Responsibility – City officials desired cost-effective, energy-efficient solutions so city government can focus on taxpayers’ needs and public policies.

As part of the Guaranteed Energy Savings project, Harshaw Trane tested several of the meters that were recently replaced by the city, discovering an inaccuracy of readings ranging from 3.5 to 24.4%.


  • Planning – Use Harshaw Trane’s successful Guaranteed Energy Savings project to implement energy savings.
  • Update and reinstall equipment – City’s water meters were reinstalled to correct inaccurate readings and unnecessary man hours spent on maintenance.
  • Modernization – New meters use automated meter reading technology allowing meters to be quickly and accurately read by a data collector.
  • Energy conservation – HVAC controls and lighting upgrades to several of the city’s buildings and departments to conserve energy and save on cost.


  • Saved time and energy – Employees are able to quickly and accurately read water meters, better detect leaks, improve billing accuracy, and enhance customer service.
  • Improved comfort – Upgraded HVAC controls increased comfort for building tenants and conserved energy.
  • Building system optimization – Web-based controls system allowed the city to take advantage of scheduling, setbacks, and set points, improving equipment reliability and enhancing thermal comfort.
  • Lighting optimization – Interior and exterior lighting upgrades including motion sensors kept the lights off when spaces were not in use, and are web-controlled to allow the city to manage energy conservation at several properties.
  • Energy conservation – Modern equipment led to energy efficiency and cost savings.