Facility Management. Energy optimization.

How much could you save if your building met or exceeded the highest standards for energy efficiency? By ensuring that your building is working as hard for your business as you are, Harshaw Trane can help with energy optimization and facility management while boosting profitability.

Deteriorating system performance siphons away dollars that could be applied to your bottom line.  As your trusted energy adviser, we’ll work closely with you to replace or upgrade equipment, or just to keep your systems running at maximum efficiency. Minimal calls. Zero surprises. Total operational cost control.

At Harshaw Trane, we specialize in creating sustainable energy environments——which also means helping you maintain your environment to achieve sustainable energy costs.

Our services can be delivered by more than 75 service technicians throughout the region. Our technicians are our key assets and are trained experts that will effectively maintain and monitor your system performance.


Your Challenge: Leveraging Technological Investments

Even if you’ve purchased innovative, high-quality equipment, you may lack the facilities staff to maximize this technology and satisfy occupant needs. Staff must be properly trained to operate equipment so that it reduces energy consumption and lowers costs.

Your Challenge: Shifting workforce and rising operating costs

Dramatic changes can create a gap in the skilled workforce, operating costs and utility rates continue to increase, and the competition for capital to sustain equipment remains fierce. Deferred maintenance can lead to malfunctioning equipment and costly downtime.

Your Challenge: Compliance and risk

Regulatory requirements and technologically advanced equipment both may be challenging to manage. But failure to comply can call into question accreditation and, at worst, compromise the ability to deliver services, placing organizations at financial and operational risk.

Our Solution: Our comprehensive Service Agreement portfolio can accommodate a range of needs and budget requirements:

  • Building Performance
  • Energy Performance
  • Connected Services
  • Critical Alarming & Help Desk
  • Measurement & Verification
  • Integrated Controls Services
  • Reliability Services
  • Filtration Services

Your Challenge: Building Performance

While innovation and technology are vital to maintaining a competitive edge, innovation without benefit is just another expense. You have to know how to make that innovation and technology perform for your building and you business.

facility management, energy optimization, intelligent servicesOur Solution: Intelligent Services — A Smart Way to Operate

Harshaw Trane’s Intelligent Services program views building performance and energy optimization through the lens of total cost of ownership.

Through innovation, technological integration, analytics and active monitoring, we collect thousands of data points and convert this into actionable solutions. For you that means cost avoidance, improved building performance, resource allocation, occupant productivity, comfort and sustainability.

Over the lifecycle of your building, you’ll enjoy greatly improved system reliability, facility management and energy efficiency——and, ultimately, a substantial reduction in total operational cost.  And that’s a very smart way to operate.

 Intelligent Services helps you achieve:

  • Risk Mitigation
  • Reduced Energy Consumption
  • Sustainability Program & policy
  • Regulatory/Code Compliance
  • Improved Productivity
  • Carbon Reporting
  • Decreased Cost of Ownership & Operation
  • Improved Facility Asset Planning & Budgeting
  • Operational Staff Education
  • Owner & Occupant Sustainability Engagement