Our Story

In 1976 Frank Harshaw purchased and joined a Trane Commercial Sales franchise based in Louisville, Kentucky. With just 13 associates, the franchise was small, focusing on new equipment solutions with a core emphasis on chillers. But as part of the Trane network, Frank Harshaw’s franchise—especially with Frank at the helm—was destined to grow and innovate.

Since its founding in 1913, Trane has been developing products and technology that stretch the world’s idea of what’s possible – a tradition that thrives today at Harshaw Trane. Frank Harshaw shared James Trane’s vision of continuous innovation, always keeping both eyes on the future.

As early as the 1970s, one of our core principles at Harshaw Trane—sustainability—was already in place.

For decades our mission has been to ensure our customers have high-performing buildings that use energy resources efficiently, buildings that maintain the careful balance between operational cost and the environmental characteristics supporting their purpose. Today at Harshaw Trane, we’re in the business of creating sustainable energy environments. Our experience and expertise helps clients achieve LEED certification, reduce their carbon footprint and lower energy costs dramatically, all while ensuring a more sustainable future for their business and the planet.

Over the decades, Harshaw Trane has worked to innovate, developing state-of-the-art technologies to optimize building performance. Through such processes as automation, integration, analytics and active monitoring, we help clients enjoy greatly enhanced system reliability and energy efficiency, while greatly reducing their buildings’ total cost of ownership.

Today at Harshaw Trane, we believe passionately in purpose. Truly understanding the purpose of our clients and their buildings allows us to customize—and optimize —every project and achieve the highest level of performance.  We also believe and take great pride in our people.

Those 13 associates now number almost 300, serving clients in Kentucky and Southern Indiana with their wealth of experience and expertise. Powered by dedication and creativity, our people embody that spirit of innovation and commitment to extraordinary client service that made James Trane and Frank Harshaw so successful and respected—and that will continue to energize our future.