Sustainable Energy Environments (SEE)


HT See LogoWhat does it mean to be sustainable? What does it mean to innovate, to optimize? At Harshaw Trane we define these terms in our own unique and holistic way. Always looking forward to the best and brightest future possible, we infuse all aspects of our business——especially the long-term partnerships we build with our clients——with sustainable energy. Our guiding vision focuses on the creation of Sustainable Energy Environments. That means utilizing our years of experience and depth of expertise to optimize the environment of your building and your business. It also means energizing our own work environment, the relationships we build, and the community we serve with a deep level of trust and a high level of innovation, leading Harshaw Trane——and you, our client——into the future.

SEE Business

We envision your building and your business as a single integrated entity, because what impacts one so often impacts the other. By creating and maintaining energy environments that are efficient and sustainable, we help you to create an efficient, sustainable business.

SEE Green

Sustainability in your energy environment translates into sustainability for our planet’s environment. From helping you reduce your carbon footprint——and energy costs——to working with you to achieve LEED certification, Harshaw Trane shows you the green.

SEE People

Our people are our most precious resource. We take a sustainable approach to constructing and developing our team of dedicated experts, always ensuring that our mission, our values and our sense of pride are as exceptional as the work we do building energy environments.

SEE Trust

At Harshaw Trane we seek to optimize the relationships we create with our clients. Through our unparalleled expertise, years of proven experience and the energetic dedication of our people, we create sustainable, long-term partnerships——powered by trust.

SEE Community

At Harshaw Trane, we believe deeply in the power of community. Through our long-standing partnership with the United Way and innovative initiatives like True Up, we provide robust and ongoing support to help the communities in which we live and work become stronger and more sustainable for future generations.