Intelligent Services



60% of a building’s energy is consumed by its HVAC system and another 15% by lighting. As a building owner, having access to information about these systems——and the ability to resolve problems before they impact building performance——is a very smart idea.

That’s where Intelligent Services comes in.

Harshaw Trane’s Intelligent Services integrates to the building’s existing building automation systems to harvest the vast wealth of building operational information. Then, Harshaw Trane’s staff of building optimization experts use exclusive technology to translate that data into useful information, analyze it, and make recommendations to help drive continuous improvement for the client’s building operations.  The result is improved energy efficiency, mitigation of risks, boosted productivity, minimized downtime and reduced costs.

Intelligent Services identified enough energy savings to fund $30 million of infrastructure modernization for one of our healthcare clients and saved another client $150,000 annually in energy costs. At a large military installation we helped cut the annual energy bill by a full 50%. For clients like these——and you——the money saved on energy can be invested elsewhere to help achieve greater organizational or business objectives.

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It doesn’t stop at energy. With Harshaw Trane you have a team of 300 building performance professionals working to supplement yours by providing daily code compliance reporting to a wide range of clientele, monitoring production at industrial facilities, and using remote connectivity to educate and support operational staff for a fraction of the cost and time of rolling a service truck. We provide you the information and strategies needed to optimize reliability and performance, lower demand charges, reduce service calls, achieve ENERGY STAR Certification, improve your productivity, and more.

It’s all part of Harshaw Trane’s holistic, proactive approach to creating energy and operational environments that are sustainable——both for your building and your business.


Intelligent Services Stats

11 months – average first year payback

878 Buildings Under Intelligent Services coverage

440,000 points collected every 15 minutes

780 energy meters

290 annual consultations