Drive Savings: Lighting Innovation

Energy costs are continually rising, thus building owners are now more motivated to decrease their buildings’ energy consumption. A major operational expense, energy savings is now viewed as a vital contributor to organizations’ financial success.

Since approximately 30 percent of a building’s energy is consumed by the lighting system, significant opportunities exist to improve the bottom line, just through lighting innovation and technology. Harshaw Trane’s team assists building owners in reducing lighting operating costs, while providing lighting needed for comfort, performance and safety. These designs also comply with IES and federal/state/local code requirements.

The Harshaw Trane Difference

We work directly with manufacturers to provide the highest quality lighting at the most affordable cost. Our direct, de-layered approach ensures the best lighting upgrades available. In addition, a partnership with Harshaw Trane means:

In-House Expertise & Design

  • Lighting Certified Professionals
  • Certified Lighting Efficiency Professional