For hospitals and other healthcare facilities, providing exceptional care is priority number one. The built environment plays a heavy role in the delivery of healthcare services.  Intense regulatory compliance standards and extremely high operating costs pose a challenge to maximizing that priority.

By optimizing your facilities, Harshaw Trane can help you offset shrinking margins and evolving reimbursement structures, achieving operational and clinical objectives throughout your building’s lifecycle. By creating a sustainable energy environment within your facility, we help you sustain your organizational mission in a more robust way. We help make your facility responsive and reliable, promoting the safety, productivity and comfort of your caregivers and patients, all while reducing total cost of ownership——in other words, we help you thrive.

From the design of new hospitals to the modernization of older facilities, Harshaw Trane brings unmatched expertise and innovation to help you achieve and sustain your building’s energy needs:

  • Design and construction of new buildings. When it comes to energy systems, one type does not fit all. Our experts formulate, design and implement the optimal solution for your specific conditions, delivering the lowest cost per square foot, known as the Energy Cost Index (ECI). ECI is how we ensure the balance between energy efficiency and cost, construction and operation.
  • Operation and maintenance of existing buildings. As your facilities age, energy optimization becomes critical to ensuring patient comfort and safety. Through Harshaw Trane’s Intelligent Services, a real-time energy-monitoring program, an operating room or ICU can be monitored in real-time to guarantee optimal temperate and humidity——all the factors that combine to create an optimized environment of care.
  • Restoration and modernization of older buildings. When it’s time to make your healthcare facility future-ready, Harshaw Trane is your trusted adviser and dedicated partner. We take great care to ensure our solutions align with your mission, fusing innovation, building analytics and real-time monitoring to meet business objectives and improve the safety and comfort of your patients and staff. We work closely with you to create energy environments that are compliant, continuously commissioned and sustainable, helping all of your organizational stakeholders——and your bottom line——thrive.

From operating suites, radiological and emergency departments, to adhering to code compliance requirements for JCAHO and NFPA, the solutions we offer our healthcare customers, position you for future growth, reduced energy and maintenance costs, improves efficiency and patient/caregiver satisfaction.


Competition for market share is fierce. The real challenge, however, comes from within——the competition for capital.  As your strategic energy partner, Harshaw Trane helps you find and allocate sufficient capital to fund infrastructure maintenance. Through financial mechanisms like EPAD, Energy Service Agreements and ECM funding procurement options, we can secure the funds to keep your facility performing at a high level.


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Annual energy savings of approximately $50k for one KY hospital

A national healthcare network addresses the continual rise of utility costs in the Kentucky region saving $50,000 annually for one hospital and receiving the ENERGY STAR award, while reducing the cost of doing business across their portfolio and ensuring patients receive high-quality and cost-effective care.


Hospital Boiler Plant Renovation

Harrison County Hospital has been serving the people of Harrison County, Indiana since 1950. Today, the hospital attends to the healthcare needs of approximately 60,000 residents of Harrison and Crawford counties, Indiana and Meade County, Kentucky.