Challenges & Solutions

design, constructionYour Building Has a Partner For Life

As your dedicated energy services partner, Harshaw Trane takes a collaborative, holistic approach to deliver on both the short-term project and a sustainable long-term business strategy for the lifecycle of your building.

Because the right equipment is essential to the construction process, we help owners, designers and contractors better understand the complex options available to them. Harshaw Trane’s engineers also work continuously to increase energy efficiency and performance for all systems, from light commercial to large applied solutions.

With the depth of experience to fully optimize the design and green construction of your project, and to solve any challenges that arise during the lifecycle your building, Harshaw Trane is your trusted advisor for sustainable energy environments——your building’s partner for life.

Our Solutions to Your Challenges

Your Challenge: To Design a Sustainable Building

Buildings devour resources, accounting for nearly 40% of the energy consumed in the US, as well as generating a significant portion of the greenhouse gas emissions affecting climate change. Building owners seek to create sustainability plans that decrease utility costs, reduce negative environmental impact, and provide healthy spaces for people to work, learn and heal.

Our Solution: Our LEED Team Leads The Way

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) rating system has become the standard for high-performing, sustainable buildings. With over 50 percent of LEED points directly related to HVAC systems, it’s vital to form a partnership with a sustainability expert. With our team of LEED Accredited Professionals, Harshaw Trane will plan and execute a word-class LEED Construction project, helping you lead by example with a building designed for a better future.

Challenge: To Optimize Your Budget

When it comes to modernization of a building, owners must determine when to modernize and how to fund it. Intensified cost-justification means owners need reliable, verifiable data——and solutions.

Solution: Our Money-Saving Methods

A unique advantage to working with Harshaw Trane is our commitment to saving you money through a range of cost-control strategies. Many efficiencies can be generated even before any equipment is installed, such as providing pre-engineered HVAC solutions to help expedite construction schedules and providing the assurance that your HVAC system is uniformly specified, delivered and installed.
For all of your energy, sustainability and infrastructure issues, Harshaw Trane provides a realistic implementation schedule for equipment replacement and repair projects with a focus on budget optimization. And we offer access to funding mechanisms, enabling owners to access capital creatively and maximize their investments in facility upgrades.
After all, at Harshaw Trane we’re sustainability experts——and that means sustainable budgets, too.

Performance Contracting
Energy Savings Agreements

Because facility downtime can mean lost revenue, reduced productivity, uncomfortable occupants and negative publicity, building projects often have compressed timelines——but without risk mitigation plans. Harshaw Trane offers comprehensive preparedness planning to help avoid downtime during a project’s implementation.  For example, Combined Heat Power can provide backup power where needed, concurrently reducing electrical demand.
Use our expertise and proven processes to remove risk——and stress——from your time-compressed project.