20% Reduced energy consumption

A correctional institution improves the work environment for employees and living conditions for inmates by repairing air quality, conserving water and increasing energy efficiency while reducing costs and environmental impact.


  • Increase comfort for inmates and staff and save energy through upgraded HVAC and pneumatic controls.
  • Aging and inefficient equipment caused frequent service calls and increased operational costs.
  • Inadequate air ventilation and water flow issues negatively impacted the energy budget and environment.
  • Invent a solution for how to pay for the long overdue upgrades.

“We’re learning how to control temperature in certain areas of the building to reduce energy consumption. For example, by relaxing the set points by just one hour in the kitchen, we can save $900 a year. Small changes can add to our energy savings.” – Roger Emmons, Warrick County Administrator


  • Increased efficiency and comfort by installing new HVAC systems that reduced energy use, improved ventilation, and are more accessible for regular maintenance.
  • Overhaul the plumbing to address water flow, hot and cold piping, and conserve water.
  • Intelligent Services was installed to allow for 24/7 response and control of energy maintenance issues, enabling facility managers to take ownership and ensure optimal operation and energy savings.
  • Guaranteed Energy Savings plan allowed for future energy savings to finance needed renovations without upfront capital.
  • Harshaw Trane also provided a new ceiling and lights for the kitchen pantry at no additional cost.


  • Drastically increased comfort levels for staff and inmates with modern, efficient equipment and greater control.
  • Water cost savings of approximately $80,000, saving over 6 million gallons of water.
  • 20% Reduced energy consumption.
  • Reduced pollution by 99 equivalent metric tons of carbon dioxide a year.
  • Comprehensive renovations including HVAC upgrades and controlling systems allowing for more measurement and energy conservation.