Energy Services


Efficiency. Reliability. Compliance.

By addressing critical needs like these with our innovative and holistic approach, Harshaw Trane Energy Services helps your building——and your bottom line——perform better and become more sustainable. By optimizing facility assets for your building’s life cycle, we can reduce the total cost of ownership while creating healthy environments that improve productivity.

Steady double-digit cost increases have been the reality for many building owners. As building systems age, energy efficiency and reliability decline while maintenance costs climb. Add to that a steady rise in the cost of energy, and the challenges can become daunting.

We often begin by addressing your most prominent issue, such as occupant comfort, high utility costs, or system reliability. We work to bring swift resolution to the Big Issue, then move on to implementing a series of improvements designed to reduce your building’s operating costs and achieve your sustainability mission. Projects can be approached at once in their entirety or in a phased suite of projects scheduled over time.

By working closely with our clients every step of the way, and bringing our expertise, innovation and commitment to sustainable energy environments, Harshaw Trane helps to re-energize your building and your business for the sustainable future. Schedule a visit.

total cost of ownership, life cycle

Our energy services consulting could include complete building analysis, or focus on a specific area or piece of equipment.

Examples include:

  • Building Continuous or Re-commissioning
  • Lighting System Audits
  • Energy Audits
  • Chiller Plant Control System Upgrades
  • Pumping System Analysis
  • Control System Analysis