Equipment is one of the largest cost-drivers in building construction, one that has grown in complexity to accommodate energy costs. Having started as an equipment company, Harshaw Trane knows what it means to take care of the environment while ensuring efficiency and comfort. Whether you need a new design, a retrofit or a replacement, our experts will help you achieve an optimal energy environment.

With our premier product line and superior service, we help owners, designers and contractors understand the range of complex options available. We don’t just sell and install equipment——we work with our clients to create a sustainable equipment plan for systems ranging from light commercial to large applied solutions.

To manage energy costs and capital infrastructure, our equipment is integrated with innovative building automation systems, resulting in substantial cost savings, while our engineers are continuously working to improve efficiency and performance.

Trane Mobile TOPSS (Trane Official Product Selection System) is a revolutionary online tool that helps customers select the proper Trane equipment online. Trane Mobile TOPSS works anywhere and everywhere you do business and is now accessible from desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. This innovation makes choosing the right HVAC solution faster, easier, and more efficient than ever before.


Our Technologies:  Building Automation Systems Offer Total Control of Your Building——and CostsMobile%20App%20Image

Building Automation Systems play a more critical role than ever in keeping buildings efficient and sustainable. It’s no longer enough to control heating and cooling. Sophisticated buildings require intelligent, integrated technology that will remain relevant into the future.

At Harshaw Trane, our primary objective is building optimization.

From sensors and equipment controls to state-of-the-art building automation systems, our complete controls portfolio enables our clients to respond to evolving business needs.

Built on an open-standards platform, our controls integrate seamlessly with existing equipment, regardless of brand. You’ll enjoy continuous, interactive control and optimization to support your business needs, helping you control costs and improve reliability via mobile devices.


Our Innovations: IceBank is a Very Cool Solution

A truly innovative air-conditioning solution CALMAC’s IceBank makes ice during the night, using it to cool buildings during the day.  By storing energy when electricity is less expensive, IceBank keeps occupants productive and comfortable while delivering substantially lower cooling costs. In fact, by avoiding those peak demand charges, it’s possible to pay up to 50% less for the biggest chunk of your electricity cost——cooling.

IceBank also means a cleaner environment and can help your building achieve LEED Accreditation points.  Very cool indeed.



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