Our region’s aging infrastructure is in crisis. Unsafe roads and bridges make the headlines, but our municipal buildings and services are also in need of major repair and modernization. With costs for skilled labor, electricity and materials continuing to escalate, innovative solutions are required to allow local government to best serve the community. At Harshaw Trane, we specialize in innovative solutions, bringing critical cost savings and new revenue through energy efficiency and sustainability to government buildings at every stage of their lifecycle:

  • Design and construction of new buildings. Every building is different. That means each system must be designed to meet the specific needs and challenges of that building, and to achieve optimization. Our energy experts formulate, design and implement the optimal solution for your specific conditions, delivering the lowest cost per square foot, known as the Energy Cost Index (ECI), to ensure the balance between energy efficiency and cost, construction and operation.
  • Operation and sustainability of existing buildings. As municipal buildings age, the need for optimization becomes critical. Intelligent Services, Harshaw Trane’s real-time energy monitoring program, allows you to track energy spending as it’s happening. Such innovations allow governments to avoid unnecessary costs, translate identified loss into savings, and reduce operational expenses by way of an integrated energy-savings plan——in turn enabling them to reallocate capital into their core priorities.


  • Restoration and modernization of older buildings. Harshaw Trane understands that the standard funding solutions——taxes, user fees, traditional bonding——may not sit well with taxpayers or might even threaten a municipality’s credit rating. Harshaw Trane seeks to provide our city and county government partners with financing tools, allowing them to upgrade windows, doors, roofs, insulation, HVAC equipment, lighting, controls, water conservation and measurement equipment, life safety systems and even co-generation.

We invite you to talk with our team and learn how Harshaw Trane can help you energize your bottom line and empower your community.  Schedule a visit today.

City-wide Automated Meter Reading and Web-based Controls

City government implemented Harshaw Trane’s Guaranteed Energy Savings project to attain modern water meter equipment, lighting upgrades, energy conservation, greater technology control, and reduced facility energy cost.


Intelligent Services used to prevent problems and track energy efficiency

City Hall sought better use of taxpayers’ dollars through energy conservation measures installed in their newly renovated 12,000 square foot NCS Building, as well as several other buildings within their jurisdiction.


23 new rooftop units installed to prevent CO leakage

Rusty equipment created a dangerous CO leakage threat to hundreds of inmates and staff at a correctional institution who partnered with Harshaw Trane to replace and update faulty equipment while increasing energy efficiency and vital electrical controls.