controls systems, building automationIt might seem like controls systems are all the same. But at Harshaw Trane, we believe that Trane controls and our own innovative approach to controls systems are a cut above. Why? They give you real control.

Our exclusive wireless Building Automation Systems can work alone or seamlessly with existing systems, providing immense flexibility and cost savings. Web-enabled and wireless, our innovative controls systems are mobile, scalable, easy to install and use, and can save you a lot of money on retrofit and replacement. By empowering you to manage your systems proactively, Harshaw Trane helps you achieve an optimized building—and bottom line.

As a building owner, you’re forced you to react to energy costs, and that means you need a dedicated energy partner to support your needs and respond to changes going forward. There are lots of reasons Harshaw Trane is the region’s largest controls distributor.

Technology. Innovation. Quality. Flexibility.

And, of course, our people, a team of energy experts all working to provide you with a high-performing, sustainable energy environment—and with the control you need to keep it that way.

Schedule a visit and see how Harshaw Trane can empower you to manage your systems.