Improved comfort of the healthcare environment

Methodist Hospital addresses patients’ needs and avoided critical energy failures using a broad-based healthcare delivery system focusing on compassionate, high-quality and cost-effective services.


  • Increase comfort and care for patients and staff through necessary HVAC overhaul.
  • Aging equipment infrastructure posed an energy system shut down risk and possible patient relocation.
  • Find solution to deteriorating airside equipment handlers filling nearby drains with rust.
  • Maximize energy efficiency of facility control systems.
  • Integrate systems for ease and greater singular control.

Methodist Hospital partners with Harshaw Trane and others to pursue an ongoing plan building and positioning the medical facility as a comprehensive healthcare delivery system meeting the needs and expectations of the communities they serve. Part of this vision includes developing facilities that allow for continued growth while pursuing safe, high-quality service delivery.


  • Performed HVAC renovations on three floors and four hospital wings.
  • Replaced out-of-date equipment in the dining, dietary and kitchen areas to reduce required maintenance and implement better control and indoor air quality.
  • Decreased efficiency loss of existing chiller by 5-10% using Chiller R’Newal.
  • Installed new Direct Digital Controls and integrated systems to allow for improved energy control.
  • Continued long-term partnership with Harshaw Trane to resolve HVAC issues and meet future energy vision and goals.


  • Annual energy cost savings of approximately $135,000.
  • Through close coordination and teamwork, the hospital was able to also perform overdue renovations to patient rooms while Harshaw Trane upgraded HVAC systems.
  • High-quality healthcare standards achieved through improved comfort of the healthcare environment, equipment performance, energy efficiency, and HVAC and control reliability.