As energy costs rise, even small improvements in efficiency can mean big long-term savings. As part of our guiding mission——to create sustainable energy environments——Harshaw Trane provides a broad range of services to optimize your systems’ performance. Our energy experts employ innovative technologies to maintain and operate facilities, improve reliability and monitor critical building functions such as temperature, air quality, electricity and lighting.

By ensuring that your building is working for your business as hard you are, we help boost profitability and keep your building——and your business——sustainable.

Services We Provide

  • Building Performance
  • Energy Performance
  • Connected Services
  • Critical Alarming & Helpdesk
  • Integrated Controls Services
  • Filtration Services
  • Rental Services

The Benefits to You

  • Mitigate Risk & Improved Reliabilty
  • Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Create Sustainability Program & Policy
  • Regulatory/Code Compliance
  • Improve Productivity
  • Identify & Correct Comfort Issues
  • Carbon Reporting
  • Lower Production & Operational Costs
  • Facility Asset & Budget Planning Assistance
  • Facility Staff Training
  • Engage Stakeholders in Sustainability Program


Minimizing Risk when the unexpected happens – The right plan can provide peace of mind

Know your risk and be prepared- From natural disasters to everyday mechanical failures, all facilities face some level of risk due to power, HVAC or compressed air failure. Knowing what you have at risk can help decide the level of planning that is warranted.

Our Contingency Planning Process walks you through the steps to determine the financial risks associated with losing control of your indoor environment and which types of outages present the highest risk. We’ll help you figure out what it will take to get your facility back up and running if something were to happen to your mechanical or electrical systems

Permanent commitment even if your need is temporary

A leader in creating comfortable and productive indoor environments, our Rental Services team uses industry-leading expertise to develop the right temporary solutions for our clients. These solutions can make all the difference if your facility ever experiences an unexpected loss of power, heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) or compressed air capabilities.

From providing a safe and comfortable work environment to ensuring your equipment stays in working condition, we work with you to prepare your facility to get power, HVAC and compressed air equipment back up and running fast.

Our Rental Fleet includes: HVAC • Air cooled • Water cooled • Cooling Towers • Movin Cool portable units • Generators • Air compressors



Harshaw Trane’s Intelligent Services views building performance and optimization through the lens of total cost of ownership.

Through innovation, integration of technology, analytics and active monitoring, we collect thousands of data points and convert this into actionable solutions. For you that means cost avoidance, improved building performance, resource allocation, occupant productivity, comfort and sustainability. Learn more about Intelligent Services here.

Over the lifecycle of your building, you’ll see greatly improved system reliability and energy efficiency——and, ultimately, a substantial reduction in total operational cost.  Talk about a smart way to do things.

Is your Building Automation System, also known as the Energy Management System, effectively supporting your business? Answer these questions to rate your current Building Automation System.

Schedule a visit and see how Harshaw Trane can sustain your facility.