Combined Cycle Technology

Combined Cycle Technologyis a pathway to lower energy costs, reduced emissions, secure and resilient energy supply

Combined Cycle Technology technologies provide industries, commercial businesses, institutions, and communities with ways to reduce energy costs and emissions while also providing more resilient and reliable thermal energy and electric power. These systems combine the production of heat (for both heating and cooling) and electric power into one process, using much less fuel than when heat and power are produced separately.

Combined Cycle Technology systems can achieve energy efficiencies of 80 percent or more, compared to producing heat and power separately, which is on average less than 40 percent efficient.

Further, these systems (appropriately designed) can provide resilient, reliable, around-the-clock thermal and electrical energy even when the local power grid is down.



BENEFITS:  saves energy and money, improves competitiveness, reduces emissions

Combined Cycle Technology is a proven technology. There are more than 4,100 similar systems in use in the United States today. Whether reducing emissions or operating costs, eliminating downtime or improving worker productivity or energy efficiency, Harshaw Trane is uniquely positioned to
bring you long-term value.

Applications include:
•Industrial facilities
•Critical infrastructure (emergency services facilities, hospitals, water and wastewater treatment plants)
•Institutional (retirement homes, research institutions, government buildings)
•Commercial buildings
•District energy (colleges and university campuses, urban centers, military bases)