P3 Power

What empowers us, empowers you. We call it P3 Power. It drives everything we do——and gives our clients the power to achieve their mission.

p3 greyPeople: The Energy Source

Great people make great things happen. Collaboration fuels the success of any project, large or small. With their knowledge, experience, and tireless dedication, our team aligns itself in partnerships with our clients to optimize results and boost the bottom line.

Purpose: The Foundation

Understanding the purpose of each client’s project is essential to success.  Our teams aren’t just technical experts——they also have a deep understanding of the issues you face, both day-to-day and long-term. By aligning our capabilities with a specific purpose, we help our clients thrive.

Performance: Optimization in Action

Connecting your building’s purpose to your mission enables the building to perform at the highest level possible. That means cost savings, happy occupants, less headaches, and reduced environmental impact. Most of all, the kind of performance optimization Harshaw Trane delivers doesn’t end with a single project——it’s for the life of the building.

Teamwork works together to build a gear system