The industrial marketplace faces a battery of challenges——rising utility costs, reliability issues, threats of downtime, competitive price demands, a shortage of resources and escalating competition from overseas. At the same time, customers increasingly expect sustainable, environment-friendly practices from the manufacturers that provide their goods. Now more than ever, finding creative ways to remove or reduce operational costs is critical to competitiveness.

Harshaw Trane specializes in reducing the total cost of ownership of your facility through a range of innovative solutions. Our expert analysts, engineers and technicians help you accomplish your business mission more effectively through reduced energy consumption, cost control and avoidance. Our goal is to ensure that you have the most reliable systems in place to help you eliminate waste and downtime while remaining a lean manufacturer.

As your dedicated energy partner, we’re as sensitive to your bottom line as you are and as proactive in working to reduce it——helping you leverage grants, rebates, leases, financing, performance contracting, utility partnerships and low interest loans.

Let Harshaw Trane transform your facility——and your bottom line. Schedule a visit today.

Modified chilled water distribution and pumping system

AGC Automotive increases chiller productivity without adding square footage thanks to comprehensive Harshaw Trane solution.


Energy management audit

Ingersoll Rand’s air compressor cleaning plant received updated HVAC equipment to allow accurate energy monitoring and savings.


Avoided Production Shutdown

The world’s second largest provider of print and multichannel solutions, Quad/Graphics, avoids shutdown of their large volume printing facility thanks to emergency chiller replacement.