District-wide, centralized energy management system

One of the largest school districts in Kentucky, Hardin County, receives 8 ENERGY STAR awards for its $5 million in energy savings allowing funds to reallocate back into students’ initiatives and improving learning environments.


  • Enhanced Environment – Provide students with the optimal learning environment by updating facilities and making them more energy efficient.
  • Old Equipment – Unreliable and outdated equipment lead to skyrocketing energy consumption and costs for educational buildings throughout the district.

$5 Million – Savings on energy costs.

14,000 Students – Approximate number of students who depend upon the district for their education.


  • Updated HVAC equipment and lighting to improve comfort, provide the best learning environment, and save energy costs for 14 facilities.
  • Installed a district-wide, centralized energy management system with web access to live energy data from thousands of data points at multiple facilities, enabling the district to make real-time energy decisions.

“The money is in a general fund and with the savings, we’re able to look at other areas that can benefit students such as purchasing text books, hiring teachers, and now we can look into going wireless so that students can use their personal devices for educational purposes.” – Gary Milby, Hardin County Associate Superintendent of Finance and Support Services


  • $5 million in energy savings as a result of the project.
  • The savings are being used to buy text books, hire teachers, and upgrade technology.
  • 8 schools within the district received ENERGY STAR awards from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency symbolizing protection of the environment through superior energy efficiency.
  • The learning environment is now comfortable and conducive to each student’s education while saving energy costs.


$5.3 Million – Cost of project completed in 2005.

14 Buildings – Received HVAC and lighting upgrades.

“I don’t need a plaque to know that we’re a great school system, but it is a nice reminder to us and the public that we work hard to make wise choices with tax dollars. We want to provide the right environment for our students.” – David Wyatt, Hardin County Schools Facilities Director