Boiler with annual energy savings of $6,000 to $8,000

A retirement community housing independent-living and nursing home-level residents in a 12-story building replaced their boiler to avoid complete system shut down and ensured safe, comfortable, and efficient living conditions.


  • Imminent Failure and Cost – A boiler installed in the 1970’s was doomed to fail, shutting down access to heat and hot water with temporary rental replacements estimated to cost $100,000.
  • Old Equipment – Only 70 percent efficient and oversized.
  • Comfort and Safety – Provide minimal impact to residents’ daily living while boiler is replaced.


  • Replaced old equipment with a highly efficient and reliable system to eliminate single points of failure that could interrupt service and endanger vulnerable residents.
  • Installed three smaller boilers to replace oversized equipment to increase efficiency and maintain redundancy.
  • Integrated the new system into one common building automation empowering facility managers with ownership and control.


  • Annual energy savings of approximately $6,000 to $8,000.
  • Upgraded system operates at 90 percent efficiency or higher.
  • Hot water standards maintained for all residents.
  • New boiler was installed quickly to remove system failure danger with few brief shut down periods.
  • The environment is now safe, comfortable and efficient with little risk of system failure.

“Harshaw Trane provides full service for a year after a turnkey project like this. This gives the owner a backstop in case any of the equipment needs adjustment during the initial service period. We provided domestic water heaters that have very close tolerances to prevent scalding. This is critically important for a senior and assisted living residence.” – Paul Rice, Harshaw Trane Project Manager