Modified chilled water distribution and pumping system

AGC Automotive increases chiller productivity without adding square footage thanks to comprehensive Harshaw Trane solution.


  • Production levels were threatening to exceed the capacity of the facility’s chiller plant.
  • Space was limited as a new multi-million dollar investment to increase glass processing was pending, taking up any additional floor space needed to expand the chiller plant.

“The level of professionalism and strong commitment to understand the very unique intricacies of our project was unparalleled. From concept to design, throughout installation, commissioning and performance evaluations, Harshaw Trane skillfully executed the project to exceed our expectations.” – Barry Borders, AGC Automotive Maintenance Manager.


  • Perform an extensive evaluation of the existing chiller plant’s capacity, chilled water piping and hyrdonics.
  • Potential capacity and opportunities discovered to increase production and improve efficiency of the operating system.
  • Modify the chilled water distribution and pumping system.
  • Existing automation was adjusted and new automation added to optimize how facility’s water usage.


  • Modifications to the chiller system increased efficiency and decreased operating costs.
  • Production increased due to achieving the necessary additional cooling capacity.
  • Minor system additions and strategic automation adjustments accomplished without the need to expand the facility, saving the supplier thousands of dollars in renovations.
  • Improvements allowed the auto parts supplier to deliver a reliable product to their customers at a higher volume with greater efficiency.