Energy management audit

Ingersoll Rand’s air compressor cleaning plant received updated HVAC equipment to allow accurate energy monitoring and savings.


  • Assess plant energy usage and identify areas needing improvement.
  • Upgrade energy monitoring of a complex energy system that uses a mix of HVAC equipment.
  • 160,000 square feet of main production and office facility needed upgrades and monitoring.

Harshaw Trane drafted and submitted grant proposals on behalf of Ingersoll Rand. While the facility operates under traditional industry payback standards for viable energy-efficiency projects, financial incentives from a utility or other funding source can allow for project approvals that have a longer payback.


  • Drafted and submitted grant proposals to assist with project payment.
  • Identified ways to reduce energy demand through planning, facility assessment, and utility bill analyzation.
  • Performed upgrades to allow for energy use monitoring so biggest energy users could be identified.


  • Advanced metering and energy management platform of the HVAC and air compressor systems.
  • Heat recovery modification for energy savings.
  • Energy management using audits, trainings, energy-monitoring tools, and sub-metering of energy use.
  • On-going evaluation to find opportunities to use renewable energy or implement energy standards for equipment and processes.
  • The annual expected electric savings for this project are 324,322 kWh, equal to:
    • 979 tons of CO2 of greenhouse equivalency
    • 10 acres of preserved forest
    • 2,276 barrels of oil not burned
    • 3 rail cars of coal saved