23 new rooftop units installed to prevent CO leakage

Rusty equipment created a dangerous CO leakage threat to hundreds of inmates and staff at a correctional institution who partnered with Harshaw Trane to replace and update faulty equipment while increasing energy efficiency and vital electrical controls.


  • Rusty gas heat exchangers created a risk of CO leaking through the rooftops.
  • Complete improvements within a condensed timeframe in order to coordinate inmate displacement.
  • Improve energy efficiency and monitoring through modernized controls and communication.

“We aren’t air-conditioning experts here. With Harshaw Trane handling our service and maintenance, we can take HVAC off our list. They do what they do best, so we can focus on providing the best possible service to the citizens of Hopkins County.” – Captain Mike Lewis, Hopkins County Jail


  • Installed 23 new rooftop units preventing any CO leakage while providing reliable operation, reducing downtime, and improving comfort.
  • The jail declared a state of emergency, vastly accelerating the government’s usually time-consuming required vendor procurement process to select a qualified vendor to perform the necessary work as quickly as possible.
  • Installed a modern building automation system, allowing convenient access to the new facilities using any web-connected device like a smartphone or tablet.
  • Collected data from new energy meters to determine the jail’s baseline energy consumption, identifying peak usage times to optimize building operations through systems control.


  • Installation of 23 rooftop units was completed in just two weeks, lowering maintenance costs, reducing downtime, and increasing safety and comfort levels.
  • The facility secured a vendor quickly, knocking off more than sixty days from the bidding process so the safety of inmates and staff were addressed as soon as possible.
  • Web-based wireless technology improved system communications and enabled convenient system access to streamline operations and modernize energy management.
  • Automated systems and monitoring ensure optimal facilities performance and reduced energy costs.