Integrated Controls System

Through a technology control upgrade, Keeneland Association maximized building performance, improved occupant comfort, and increased operational productivity without going over budget or installing completely new HVAC equipment.


  • Quality Control – Old technology risked failure including in the grandstand area where clients and fans viewed horseracing events.
  • Old Equipment – A system so outdated, replacement parts were no longer available, reaching the end of its useful life.
  • Budget Constraints – Complete project in three phases to remain within budget.


  • Upgraded existing system by integrating new technology to communicate with old controllers.
  • Tied all controls systems together under one system.
  • Three-dimensional campus and floor plan graphics eased maintenance.


  • Manage utility costs and occupant comfort – Facilities supervisor views and controls all systems using the Internet.
  • New technology offers advantages – Staff manages energy consumption, scheduling, alarm response, and energy reports.
  • Time saved – Maintenance staff avoided hours of training to learn new HVAC equipment.
  • Objectives achieved within budget.

“We have about 120 different units on our energy management system. In the past, it was difficult to keep up with the comfort issues, especially during our meets. With the Tracer Summit system with Tracer ES software, everything is integrated. I can be anywhere and if I have Internet access, I can see and manage my facility. The fact that we can do that is great.” – Eric Soard, Keeneland Mechanical Systems Supervisor

“Our existing unit controllers were still working and we felt that starting over with everything new would be wasting a lot of money. With the Trane Tracer R’newal program, we could upgrade our system, but keep using some of what we had. That was a big savings.” – Eric Soard, Keeneland Mechanical Systems Supervisor