Master Service Agreement offers range of services with one call

A national healthcare network addresses the continual rise of utility costs in the Kentucky region saving $50,000 annually for one hospital and receiving the ENERGY STAR award, while reducing the cost of doing business across their portfolio and ensuring patients receive high-quality and cost-effective care.


  • Increase comfort and care for patients and staff through necessary service contract overhaul.
  • Manage multiple facilities in cities located across Kentucky with varying energy system needs – all with shrinking staff.
  • Address the lengthy purchasing approval process threatening the reliability of critical building systems, causing delays in service.
  • Multiple individual service contracts failing to respond to utility needs.
  • Maximize energy efficiency of facility control systems.
  • Integrate systems for ease and greater singular control.


  • Consolidated multiple individual service contracts under one trusted vendor to decrease response time and improve reliability.
  • Streamlined the approval process.
  • Implemented 24/7 Intelligent Services to find low or no cost solutions to energy needs.
  • Remote connectivity and support to reduce service truck rolls to locations, saving money.
  • Provided the Kentucky facility team on-the-job training on effective use of the Building Automation System and facility maintenance best practices.


  • Annual energy cost savings of approximately $50,000 for one Kentucky hospital.
  • One facility awarded the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR certification.
  • Master Service Agreement offers the national network a range of services with one call.
  • Quick response time to service needs.
  • High-quality healthcare standards achieved through improved service agreements, control of the environment, energy efficiency, and training.
  • Any facility within the network is eligible to participate in the agreement with services ranging from:
    • Intelligent Services Energy Data Analytics and Consultations
    • Preventive Maintenance
    • Emergency Maintenance
    • Indoor Air Quality programs

“As an Intelligent Services partner, we are always trying to identify Energy Conservations Measures that can be implemented to move the hospital closer to Energy Star. These ECM’s can be low cost/no cost items, leveraging the existing infrastructure, or they can be high cost items with longer payback. The challenge is to find the right balance, which presents the best business case for the hospital.”  – Jon Lehr, Harshaw Trane Account Manager