New, reliable, and highly efficient equipment

Greater Clark County Schools (GCCS) is the 21st largest school district in Indiana operating 20 buildings serving a student population of approximately 10,500.


  • GCCS needed to update aging, inefficient boilers in numerous school buildings
  • Short installation periods required for minimal disruption to school operations created an additional challenge
  • GCCS requested that the renovations take place during winter and spring breaks.


  • A building load design was created to remove or upgrade old equipment and replace it with new, reliable, and highly efficient equipment.
  • Three aging, inefficient boilers were replaced with AERCO Benchmark boilers in both Pleasant Ridge Elementary School and Charlestown Middle School.
  • Harshaw Trane also installed new polypropylene boiler vents at all four schools in place of older, unwieldy boiler stacks.
  • New Washington Elementary School received a boiler retrofit when two inefficient, bulky boilers were replaced with AERCO Benchmark BMK1500 boilers.
  • The domestic water heater system at Jeffersonville High School replaced failing tank type water heaters.
  • The new water heater operates at 96-98% efficiency.
  • All new systems were integrated into a common building automation system, which empowers the GCCS facility managers with full ownership of their system


  • Additional comfort and efficiency of the students’ learning environment.
  • As a result of the new, upgraded systems, the equipment efficiency has increased to more than 90 percent.
  • The new systems have solid redundancy, which allows the system to continue working despite any mechanical issues.