Increased patient comfort, energy savings of nearly $500,000

Hardin Memorial Hospital (HMH) provides compassionate care and advanced services to residents of Hardin County, Kentucky and its surrounding counties. The 300-bed regional healthcare center has over 1,600 employees and strives to provide patients with superior quality service.


  • Aging building systems
  • Growing energy costs


  •  Two dedicated Heat Recovery Chiller systems were installed, allowing the new system to operate approximately four times more efficient.
  • Significant improvements were made on two of HMH’s existing boilers by installing new, high efficiency burners and Direct Digital Controls (DDC).
  • HMH had five heat pumps that were operating at a constant volume consuming a considerable amount of energy. By adding a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to each pump, Harshaw Trane was able to provide significant savings.
  • With the addition of two new flue gas economizers on the boilers, Harshaw Trane was able to recover waste heat from the boiler stack. This provided energy savings for the hospital by increasing the boiler’s feed water temperature, thus reducing the amount of time the boiler’s burner operates. A new steam condensate receiver and improved condensate piping from different areas of the hospital also added to energy savings upgraded the chiller plants Building Automation System with new controls on two existing 400 ton chillers.
  • Integrated new controls for the surge and boiler feed tanks, steam and water flow meters and programming that maximized the energy efficiency of all the chillers in the plant.
  • installed dashboards that allow HMH staff to monitor real-time electric and gas usage.
  • Harshaw Trane’s Intelligent Services provides continuous collection, analysis and reporting of operational and performance data.
  • Improvements made for emergency preparedness – allowing the hospital to operate in the event that normal power was out of service, if one of the distribution pumps were to fail or if one or more of the chillers failed at once.
  • A third 125 HP pump was installed for redundancy and connected this system to an existing emergency generator.
  • An outdated chiller was replaced with a more energy efficient chiller, cooling tower, primary chilled water pump, cooling tower pump, and a backup pump.
  • The last safety net that was installed was chilled water piping and electrical connection points for the use of a rental chiller


  • HMH is predicted to save 1,336,000 kWh and 509,000 therms of natural gas.
  • Predicted annual energy savings of nearly $500,000 and annual operational savings of $62,000 to the hospital in addition to bringing comfort to patients.
  • These predicted savings are equal to equal to 8,4666 barrels of oil not burned for one year or 2,984 acres of forest preserved from deforestation. Harshaw Trane and HMH worked together to allow HMH to capitalize on the immediate savings during the overall project development.

“We were facing multiple challenges of obsolete equipment, capacity, and emergency needs that needed to be addressed quickly,” said Ken Richardson Hardin Memorial Facility Manager. “Working with Harshaw Trane improved the environmental quality for our patients, increased reliability, had a significant financial impact, and it allowed for a great partnership development.”