20-year Guaranteed Energy Savings Contract with annual data analysis

Western Kentucky school district improves HVAC operations and learning environments in partnership with Harshaw Trane. District faced facility issues and a large gap in facility needs versus available capital revenues for 9,700 enrolled students.


  • Lack of comfort – Several facility infrastructure challenges in 14 educational buildings totaling 1,225,000 square feet of space, which were affecting students’ and educators’ comfort and performance.
  • Outdated equipment – Overwhelming maintenance needed for existing aged and unreliable HVAC systems.
  • Scarcity of control – Facility control restricted due to rising energy costs and limited capital funds.
  • Achieve energy costs savings – $100M in unmet facility needs required for upgrades with only $20M available in bonding revenues, leaving a big gap between needs and available funding.


  • New HVAC systems were installed as well as new interior and exterior lighting, new ceilings and windows, and equipment for water conservation.
  • Increase in HVAC operations and building automation and effective district-wide facility staff management using web access and single point responsibility.
  • Harshaw Trane’s Intelligent Services installed to monitor energy and performance in real time.
  • As a result of the upgrades, the energy savings will pay for the project over time, closing the gap between available funds and facility needs.


  • 20-year PACT™ agreement to ensure the project remains financially manageable, sustainable, and monitored for increased savings and achievable long-term results.
  • Guaranteed annual data analysis.
  • Real-time energy and performance tracking to govern optimum energy and cost-saving results.
  • Ongoing verification and training program to assure continued success.

Guaranteed Cost Savings – $374,656 in year 1

Guaranteed Environmental Impact

  • 2,835 MTCO2e
  • 614 Passenger cars not driven for one year
  • 6,592 Barrels of oil not burned for one year
  • 364 Household electricity not used for one year
  • 23 Acres of forest preserved