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Top 5 Reasons Your Building Should Be Connected Now

Published with permission from Brady Services.

Your building is sending you signals that you may not be getting:
• Specific areas where your systems are inefficient
• Trouble signals that eventually lead to downtime
• Performance issues that can now be quickly resolved remotely.

With a connected building, you can easily pick up on and address those signals. In fact, you gain a big picture view of how all your systems are working. Today’s technology can optimize your building’s performance in 5 important areas:

Increased operational efficiency A “connected building” provides the data you need to analyze and make adjustments that improve efficiency and lower costs.

Quick response times- Building faults can be diagnosed and often corrected remotely. If on-site service is needed, the right technician with the right parts can be quickly dispatched.

Reduced energy consumption- The system lets you closely monitor utilities to determine how resources can be used more efficiently.

Consistent comfort for occupants- Smooth-running HVAC systems mean year-round building comfort and fewer complaints.

Less unplanned downtime- Automated maintenance services effectively reduce emergencies and costly operational downtime.