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It’s time to catch up with filter technology

Let’s be honest – filters are annoying. They’re essential, but they are increasingly expensive, require time consuming cleaning and replacement, carry environmental disposal costs, and even increase energy costs from contaminant loading – all things that you and your customer don’t want to deal with. These issues can be doubled if there are multiple types of contaminants in the water, or when filters are very fine, such as the ones typically used to change the taste or color of water. So how can prevent the headaches caused by filters while still maintaining the water quality you need?

A great option is the LAKOS Separator. Instead of relying on fine mesh to take care of everything from sand to microparticles, the separator typically functions as a prefilter to remove larger particles before the fluids reach the finer filters. This prevents the filters from getting clogged or worn out too quickly, saving the end user money with every avoided filter cleaning and replacement.

How does a LAKOS separator do this?

It relies on centrifugal action to push particles over a certain weight to the outer chamber where it drops to the collection chamber, with little to no water waste depending on the separator. The collection chamber can be periodically or continually purged depending on the needs of the end user.

Who can benefit from a LAKOS separator?

Any residential, commercial, industrial, or municipal facility with water filtration needs might want to look into installing a LAKOS separator. This is especially true if they are filtering fluids with more than one type of contaminant. Users can benefit from reduced maintenance, fewer filter replacements, and less water loss. They have about the same life cycle as the water pipes because wear is dependent on the corrosiveness of the water, not the amount or type of particles – some have lasted over 50 years!

Filter technology has grown leaps and bounds. Why keep using the same old technology when there are better, more efficient options out there? Call us at 502.499.7000 to learn more.