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The Truth About the Symbio 800 Controller

The world of smart homes is evolving at a rapid pace –just look at smart thermostats. You can change the temperature wherever you are from your phone, and it automatically adjusts based on your needs and to save you money. It even learns your patterns, so you don’t have to change it. It makes life easier – you don’t even have to think about your thermostat because it’s so good at its job. Now, imagine that simplicity and control for the entire lifecycle of your facility’s equipment.

Trane’s new IntelliPak with Symbio 800 has been well publicized since its release earlier this year. Many people are familiar with the IntelliPak rooftop unit, but less so with the Symbio 800 controller. Forty years of Trane controls experience has led to the development of a controller that makes your facility smarter and more connected.

The selection process becomes simpler and more flexible due to the application-specific and field-programmable controller with expansion hardware. These features also reduce project costs and enable customized sequence of operations.

We know installation time and cost is one of the biggest concerns for contractors. You don’t have to worry as much with the Symbio 800 – it’s designed to make installation easier and less expensive. The Symbio 800 controller enables simple integration with all common protocols, and the wiring and electrical connections have been minimized due to its intelligent control components. All of this means a simple and flexible installation process, and reduced installation costs.

The benefits go well beyond installation. Adaptive Controls are the industry-best controls algorithms with patented strategies to respond to rapidly changing conditions to avoid disruption. The Symbio 800 controller enables remote connectivity, so you can get equipment data anytime, anywhere. This, on top of superior diagnostics, means that you can always make sure that your unit is running exactly the way you want it to. The touch screen controller makes it easy to respond when you’re on site too – it’s easy to navigate so you can access data and alarms to respond quickly and effectively.

The Symbio 800 controller does the work for you. It collects and sends data, and the Adaptive Controls saves you stress and money by preemptively adjusting to prevent equipment failures. If you need to replace a roof top unit, IntelliPak with Symbio 800 might be the one for you. Call your Harshaw Trane Account Manager to find out more.