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Energy to Care and Kentucky’s High Rank

By: Angie Stokes, Healthcare Market Leader

The American Society of Healthcare Engineers (ASHE) introduced the Energy to Care program in 2014. It was formerly known as the Energy Efficiency Commitment (E2C) program. This program, designed to help facility teams improve their operations and add value to their organizations, has been moderately successful in the state of Kentucky. The Kentucky Chapter of ASHE (KSHE) fully supports and endorses this program, which provides free benchmarking tools. The idea is that buildings that attain the ENERGY STAR status are operating at their optimum efficiency and likely providing cash back to the organization through bottom line savings.

Harshaw Trane has helped dozens of clients achieve ENERGY STAR, including the only hospital in the state to be ENERGY STAR rated four years in a row. In fact, Kentucky was ranked #3 and climbing in ENERGY STAR rated schools.  Harshaw Trane had a large part in making that statistic a reality. If we can achieve this type of success in schools, we can achieve it in hospitals too.

ENERGY STAR is not something you achieve and sustain without a focused effort. That’s where we come in. The Energy to Care program is wonderful and has brought attention to one of the few remaining cost savings areas for many business owners, especially hospitals: energy. The good news is, you can get there.  The even better news is that Harshaw Trane has the smarts and the grit to help you do it.

The Kentucky Hospital Association 2016 Statistics publication reported that there are 111 acute care, rural and psychiatric hospitals in the State of Kentucky. We have active Intelligent Services relationships with 32 of them; if you are not one of the 32, you’re leaving money on the table. Learn more about our Intelligent Services and contact us to schedule your Harshaw Trane Experience at our Plantside Location in Louisville, Kentucky.