Total Cost Matters Podcast

A monthly 10-15 minute podcast devoted to making buildings operate as assets rather than liabilities. Our host, Lou Zaccone, will walk you through various topics and issues that affect the total cost of ownership of your facility. As the Vice President of Harshaw Trane, Lou Zaccone is uniquely qualified to guide you through the life cycle of your facility’s equipment.

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Podcast #23 – Energy Month Wrap Up

Podcast #22 – Energy Month Kick Off

Podcast #21 – Back to School

Podcast #20 – Get Ready. Stay Ready.

Podcast #19 – Ready for Now. Resilient for Tomorrow.

Podcast #18 – Owensboro Health

Podcast #17 – Earth Month

Podcast #16 – Serving Our Customers Remotely

Podcast #15 – How to Get the Most from your BAS

Podcast #14 – IntelliPak Refresh

Podcast #13 – Maximize the Budget by Investing in Your Building

Podcast #12 – Vibration Analysis

Podcast #11 – Financial Options

Podcast #10 –  Distilleries

Podcast #09 –  Healthcare

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Run your healthcare facility like a military base

Podcast #08  – Building Automation System Upgrades

Podcast #07 –  R’newals

Earth Week Special Podcast – Sustainability

Podcast #06 –  Water Treatment

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Water Treatment Helps Reduce Energy Consumption

Podcast #005 –  Asset Management

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ASHRAE Equipment Life Expectancy Chart

Podcast #04 –  Connected Services

Podcast #03 –  Energy Procurement

Podcast #02 –  Intelligent Services

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If you’re interested in finding out if Intelligent Services is right for your building, we have a five question survey to help.

Podcast #01 –  Total Cost of Ownership

Additional sources:

Fram Oil Filter Commercial- 1972

Characteristics of electricity consumption in commercial buildings, Building Research and Information Journal