Energy Conservation Plan Helps City of Fulton

The City of Fulton is a small town in the southwestern tip of Kentucky. Home to 2,246 residents, the charming town is known for its historic character and annual banana festival.


  • Expensive, inefficient streetlights
  • Inefficient Water Treatment Facility
  • Needed to rebuild Lagoon Waste Water Treatment Facility
  • Increased natural gas costs for the city
  • Manually read natural gas and water meters
  • Solution:

  • City-wide energy conservation plan
  • New, energy efficient LED streetlights
  • Upgrades to water treatment facility that use degasifiers to improve water aeration and process efficiency
  • Rebuild of waste water treatment plant to improve treatment capacity
  • Water and gas meters converted with advanced metering infrastructure (AMI)
  • Installation of web-based controls systems in four buildings
  • Select facilities upgraded with interior and exterior lighting with
    motion sensors
  • Results:

  • In one year, the city’s streetlight bill has been reduced by nearly
  • 566 streetlights upgraded, reducing operation and maintenance cost 48% per light
  • Reduction in costs created by customer issues and meter re- reads due to the
    replacement of 1,744 water meters and 973 natural gas meters
  • Received $13,000 rebate as a result of lighting overhaul project
  • Removal of excess sludge and improved treatment capacity of WWTP
  • Improved upstream natural gas procurement to reduce cost of gas to the city
  • Guaranteed total savings of over $9.3 million over the 20-year