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Get Ready, Stay Ready: Healthy Technology

Microsoft Teams, Skype, GoToMeeting or Zoom – no matter how you’re staying connected today, it’s through digital means, a highly technical system. We’re overcoming security risks and smashing through bandwidth limits and shortening learning curves faster than ever before.  

Data has been so important in these last few months. Maybe not any more important than any other time, but certainly more public. Data, it provides insights, it helps to confirm our assumptions and our hunches. But how do we get it and what to do we do with it? 

The future of healthcare revolves around data, open and secure platforms, and consumer-driven care, but the future is here now, isn’t it? The needs of your patients are changing at a fast pace and we’re all collecting the data to adapt and perform. Are you doing the same with your buildings? 

Connected networks provide critical insight and are vital to the overall health of the hospital, the physical building, now more than ever. Connected networks turn digital and physical environment data into intelligence. The result can be meaningful data to improve outcomes. Outcomes such as efficient and timely responses, safeguarded compliance, and validated real-time decision-making. Outcomes that have had a bright light shining on them. 

Furthermore, connectivity can enable appropriate isolation, when needed. Remote inspections, remote space temperature, humidity and even lighting can be effectively managed without putting patients and staff at increased risk. Today, during a global pandemic, technology can assist in flattening the curve. Tomorrow, it can get back to the work of driving efficiencies, enabling flexibility and allowing building operators to bring innovative solutions to age old problems that arise over time. 

Would you try to stay connected with your friends and family today by driving, or flying across the country right now? You’d probably rather rely on technology to stay connected with them. Yet we’re still using antiquated systems to run our most important buildings. Isn’t it time to get ready, and stay ready?  

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