Harshaw Trane Sustainability Goals

Sustainability is core to the Harshaw Trane strategy. Our commitment extends to the environmental impact of our operations, products, and services, and people. We’re leading our industry in sustainability practices and it’s already having a positive effect.



Fiscal and Energy Impact


Harshaw Trane Sustainability Goal FAQs

Q: What is Harshaw Trane’s Sustainability goal for 2024?
A: We plan to see a carbon reduction of 1,000,000 metric tons by 2024 through energy initiatives with our partners and clients.
Q: How is Harshaw Trane measuring carbon reduction?
A: We are measuring carbon reduction from 2014 to 2024 using actual, validated data…not just assumptions. These results are validated by actual utility bills, compared to an established baseline year, using weather normalization.
Q: Why is this important to Harshaw Trane?
A: We help our clients develop sustainability goals, track results, and drive continuous improvements through professional consultation. We are best positioned to do this because of our heritage of being the leading energy services provider in our market and believe it’s important to be environmentally responsible by helping clients do their part to combat climate change.
Q: Why Harshaw Trane important to this mission?
A: Because approximately 75% of a typical building’s energy is lighting and HVAC. Trane has a goal of 1 gigaton by 2030 and we are joining in to make a difference.
Q: Where does Harshaw Trane stand with this goal in 2020?
A: As of July 2020, Harshaw Trane clients have seen a C02 reduction of 500.64k metric tons.
Q: What does that savings mean in financial terms?
A: Cost savings = $35.7 million
Q: What does that savings equal in electricity?
A: Electric Usage Savings = 429.3 million kWh
Q: What does that savings equal in natural gas?
A: Natural Gas Savings = 5.9 million ccf