Integrated BAS enabling real-time energy decisions

Kentucky school district receives ENERGY STAR awards for its energy savings, channeling tax dollars back into students’ education while also providing a safe, effective learning environment through HVAC and lighting upgrades.


  • Increase Comfort – Provide students with the optimal learning environment by updating facilities and making them safer and more energy efficient.
  • Minimize Disruption – Update facilities without disturbing school operation during construction.
  • Reliability – Unreliable equipment lead to safety concerns, skyrocketing energy consumption and costs.
  • Limited Funds – The district needed energy savings to meet budget restraints.

“The investment by Frankfort Independent School Board team members had led to a powerful change in our system approach to energy and operational efficiency. Our board team is dedicated to providing safe, effective learning spaces for our children in the Frankfort community.” – Dr. Houston Barber, Frankfort Independent Schools Superintendent


  • Updated HVAC equipment and lighting to improve comfort with minimal disruption during installation, provide the best learning environment, and save energy costs.
  • Integrated HVAC building automation system enabling the district to make real-time energy decisions.
  • Addressed maintenance and reliability issues of utility systems.
  • Implemented a sustainability program to ensure optimal building efficiency and performance.
  • Initiated an annual energy measurement program as well as ongoing staff training.


  • Utility systems are now reliable, making the learning environment comfortable and conducive to each student’s education while saving energy costs.
  • Recipient of multiple ENERGY STAR awards from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency symbolizing protection of the environment through superior energy efficiency.

The district saved $377,960 in energy costs. The equivalent to:

  • CO2 reductions of 4,640 metric tons
  • 1,004 cars kept parked for one year
  • 10,790 unburned barrels of oil
  • Electricity use for 596 households in one year
  • 38 acres of forest saved from deforestation

“The Frankfort Independent Schools Board of Education has proved that they are good stewards to the taxpayers and the environment. Not only did they have the vision to invest in the infrastructure upgrades to make their buildings energy efficient, but they also used new technologies to operate the building efficiently. Proper operation of a building is key to the long-term success of an energy conservation program.” – Kyle Johnson, Harshaw Trane Education Sustainability Leader