LED lighting and controls reduce energy throughout district

Calloway County school district saved on energy costs allowing dollars to funnel back into students’ education while also providing a comfortable and adequate learning environment with lighting upgrades.


  • Cost – A challenging economy, skyrocketing energy costs and limited budget stood in the way of improved lighting for students and educators.
  • Inadequate Attempt – A prior lighting retrofit failed to meet the Kentucky Department of Education’s measured standards.
  • Aged Lighting – Gymnasium lighting used loud-buzzing, inefficient technology which required a 20 minute on/off cycle time, while exterior lamps were color-shifting, putting out low lumen, and discoloring lenses.
  • Conserve Energy – Reduce energy usage and maintenance costs.


  • Created a unique solution for each buildings’ lighting issues after a thorough audit.
  • Negotiated a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty for the district’s new LED luminaires up from a one-year warranty.
  • Installed LED lights and lighting controls with occupancy sensors to reduce energy usage throughout the district, as well as:
    • Three elementary schools received a unique lighting design which increased the maintenance cycle of each fixture, met the state’s lighting standards, and reduced energy usage.
    • Gymnasiums received new fluorescent technology that utilized occupancy sensors to harvest savings.
    • Upgraded exterior lights increased light levels, extended maintenance cycles, and decreased energy consumption.


  • 10 different buildings received vital lighting upgrades, including several schools.
  • The learning environment is now comfortable and conducive to each student’s education while saving energy costs.
  • Significant reduction in energy consumption and maintenance costs.
  • Greater lighting control to increase savings.
  • School grounds are safer thanks to improved outdoor lighting and better visual awareness.