First KY school district to become a 100% ENERGY STAR district

Central Kentucky school district is the first for each of its schools to receive the ENERGY STAR award for its energy savings after implementing two performance PACT™ projects and other improvements to address a lengthy list of facility issues, comfort concerns and limited funding.


  • Two performance PACT™ projects for comfort and energy management to yield a healthy learning environment for students and staff:
  • Employed remote monitoring with Intelligent Services to drive energy cost savings and to set out proper system operation.
  • Integrated the existing Tracer Summit™ Building Automation Systems throughout the district for better monitoring and control.


  • Increase comfort to increase performance – Ensure all students demonstrate proficient academic performance and positive social and emotional development and growth by providing top-notch facilities for them and school district staff and educators.
  • Achieve energy costs savings – Save tax dollars by addressing energy issues due to improper system operation in the high school, middle school and central office.
  • Pool existing system – Integrate older buildings and the newer elementary school so all are on one system for maximum comfort and easier monitoring and control.

“As a result of trying to achieve high performance buildings for our district, test scores have improved, absentee rates have decreased and attendance rates continue to move up.”  – Scott Howard, Butler County School District Superintendent


  • The first Kentucky school district to become a 100% ENERGY STAR district, meaning all four schools in the district received the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR award.
  • Environmental Stewardship Award for demonstrating energy efficiency leadership.
  • Students are thriving in the comfort of their learning environments, evidenced by improved test scores and higher attendance rates.
  • Since 2004, the district has saved $729,913 in realized energy savings. The equivalent to:
    • 1,606 cars kept parked for one year
    • 17,748 unburned barrels of oil
    • 59 acres of forest saved from deforestation

“Our goal is to be the best, and that aligns with Harshaw Trane’s same goal. This allowed us to save nearly $800,000 in energy savings; savings we can put toward other important district needs,” said Jimmy Arnold, Butler County Schools Energy Manager.