Breathitt County School’s Get HVAC Renovation

Breathitt County School System HVAC renovation at the high school and middle school as well as lighting upgrades and water conservation, increasing student and staff comfort and maintaining a healthy learning environment while incurring energy savings.


  • Energy Conservation – School ranked near the bottom of the list as worst energy performer in the state
  • Enhanced Environment – Provide students with a comfortable learning environment by renovating HVAC units and making them more energy efficient
  • Old Equipment – Outdated equipment passed its useful life lead to skyrocketing energy consumption
  • Solution:

  • Web-based controlled HVAC renovation for the high school and middle school as well as upgrades
  • New gym units for the elementary, as well as interior and exterior lighting
  • LED lighting district-wide
  • District-wide water conservation equipment
  • Results:

  • Received over $134,900 in incentive funds from the Kentucky Power Commercial Incentive Program for the energy saving efforts
  • Modernized HVAC system at high school and middle school
  • Control over HVAC equipment where before there was none
  • Improved learning environment, comfort, and efficiency
  • Sustainability plan in place to ensure high performance of energy conservation measurements
  • Saved on energy and costs since web-based technology reduces energy use