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Get Ready, Stay Ready: Financial Wellness

Get Ready, Stay Ready Healthcare

The relationship between buildings and health care is far-reaching, regulated—and complicated. In the world of energy related to healthcare, we’ve seen a rising synergy.  The need to have new and efficient infrastructure and the benefits achieved in cost reduction helps support the financial wellness of an organization.  

Now, maybe more than ever, the way a building operates, and the financial wellness of an organization are inextricably tied.  While the world waits for masks, face shields, gloves, medical respirators and other clinical supplies to be stockpiled for the care of patients, the engineering, construction and infection control teams are still fighting alongside with antiquated building systems that do not allow for quick changes. We are under prepared.  

How do we get ready, and stay ready, for the next health crisis or, for that matter, the next natural disaster?  We need to ensure that we are financially well enough to be able to give the highest level of care when it’s needed. We can’t forget our current situation and should take a hard look at the way our buildings operate and see how we can do better. 

There have been financial tools in the marketplace to support the replacement and improvement of infrastructure. They just require a different approach to project administration. For the foreseeable future, we are going to have to look at everything a little differently. We are going to have to be cautious but take calculated risks. We are going to have to use the tools that are available to do the next right thing.  

Harshaw Trane can help you. Help you achieve financial wellness, help you use your building to better serve your patients, help you to find the tools that are best suited to fix the problem at hand. Help you to GET READY and STAY READY for what comes next. 

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