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It’s Time to Cut the Wires.

It seems that now, more than ever, it’s important to be able to operate wirelessly. Whether working from your home updating building systems from your phone, it’s vital to be comfortable with your technology. It’s no different with your building automation software and controls. Wireless communication is a reliable, flexible solution that frees you from the hassles associated with traditional wired systems for your building controls.

With Trane® Air-Fi® wireless you get easy problem solving, efficient performance and cost savings over the life of the equipment AND worry-free operation. The system offers twice the signal range and four times the potential paths compared to other wireless systems on the market to help prevent communication failures. Additionally, the lifetime* battery eliminates the need to replace batteries over the life of the system and saves time and money.

Not to mention, building controls projects are greatly simplified by reducing the engineering, estimating and project management tasks associated with wired communication systems. The result is fast and easy installation with less risk.

Since you’re not tied down by wires, Trane Air-Fi wireless lets you easily expand or change your space whenever or wherever you need — while also minimizing occupant disruption. And because the secure system is built on a platform that supports open standards, adding or moving unit controllers, zone sensors and other devices down the road can be easy and affordable. That way, you’re prepared for emergencies, office updates and more.

So, get comfortable with Trane Air-Fi wireless —cut the wires and get peace of mind with a reliable, flexible solution and worry-free operation.

Trane Air-Fi wireless eliminates the headaches associated with troubleshooting wired networks.

  • Wire-free communication extends throughout the entire network, for reduced troubleshooting compared to traditional wired systems.
  • Self-healing mesh technology with redundant signal paths help prevent communication loss.
  • Maximum signal range ensures reliable data transfer at longer range.
  • Building automation networks are secured using AES-128 encryption, keys and device authentication.
  • Trane® Air-Fi® wireless uses a separate, secure network from those used by your IT systems.
  • The system reliably coexists with other wireless systems and networks in your building, so you can have multiple wireless solutions that conform to IEEE 802.15.4 standards to best meet your needs.
  • Temperature, humidity, CO2 and occupancy information from one sensor — with all the advantages of wireless — result in a streamlined process and ease of operation.

We Know Cost Matters

A Trane Air-Fi system will prove its value as a reliable, cost-effective solution over and over again. In addition, wireless offers less risk to you, minimized disruption for your building and its occupants, and greater flexibility for the future.

When reconfiguring spaces, the cost to relocate zone sensors is nearly eliminated — reducing your cost over the life of the system. And Trane Air-Fi is built on a platform that supports open standards to ensure easy, affordable integration of future devices and technology.

Interested? We’re here to help you cut the wires and get your facility up to date on controls so that you are always safe and prepared when it comes to resilient solutions for your facility.

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