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The Truth About Mitsubishi’s M and P Series

We know that Mitsubishi’s ductless is considered the best in the country, especially now that they have a joint venture with Trane, leveraging the resources and abilities of two great organizations. Contractors and homeowners alike can receive the benefits of a Mitsubishi M or P series system.

The quick and easy installation is great for contractors, preventing the headache of complicated construction or remodeling around ducts. Depending on the complexity of the project, ductless systems can be installed and running in a single day. You can also rest easy knowing you have the support of our Trane Supply associates. We are a resource and knowledge center for our customers. We know application and installation, and have experience that supports our knowledge base – we even have a Mitsubishi Technical Instructor on our team. Contractors who purchase Mitsubishi through Trane Supply get the best of both worlds.

As a contractor, you can sell Mitsubishi to your customers knowing that they will love the flexibility, efficiency, and the cost savings of ductless system. Homeowners will enjoy the inverter technology that keeps the room temperature precisely where they want it, rather than fluctuating until it’s too hot or too cold. There are multiple ways ductless air conditioning can save energy. Homeowners don’t have to worry about leaking ducts wasting cooled air, and ductless units can be turned off or down in individual unoccupied rooms, saving homeowners energy and money. They’ll love the improved air quality, especially when allergy season in the Ohio River Valley starts up again. Each unit filters the air in its zone, removing dust and allergens from the air.

Let your customers know that ductless could be a  great option for them and visit your local Trane Supply store today to find out more about how it can benefit you.