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The Truth About VRF Systems

It’s pretty likely that you’ve heard about the Trane and Mitsubishi Joint Venture by now. The offerings include ductless and variable refrigerant flow (VRF) HVAC systems and are built to provide individual comfort control in any environment. They are available for residential, light commercial and commercial spaces, and provide multiple benefits to both the contractors and the end users. VRF is a great system to consider for your commercial facility’s needs.

Ductless systems are incredibly versatile. Whether you need it for a small office building, a school, or a hospital, they can often be installed at a lower first cost than a traditional duct system.

The innovative two-pipe design of the CITY MULTI® VRF systems means even less space, faster installation, and lower cost than other VRFs. Most systems that provide simultaneous heating and cooling need a third refrigerant pipe – Mitsubishi VRF systems only require two. Another perk of the CITY MULTI® is the inverter driven technology. This allows the CITY MULTI® to use just enough energy to meet the requirements of each zone, reducing energy waste.

There are plenty of benefits that you can offer the building occupants. A huge one, particularly in the Ohio River Valley, is that VRF systems improve indoor air quality. There are no ducts that collect dust and then distribute it throughout the building, and each zone’s air is being filtered by the unit in that zone. As one of the worst regions in the country for allergies, a system the filters and reduces dust, bacteria, and allergens is incredibly helpful.

A VRF system is a great option, providing benefits for the entire lifecycle of the equipment and to everyone – from the contractor to the building owner to the occupant. If you want the efficiency and versatility of the Mitsubishi CITY MULTI® VRF, contact your Harshaw Trane account manager or call us at 502.499.7000 today.