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Providing Opportunities for Young Engineers

Graduating with your engineering degree can be a bit scary. You’re relieved, proud, and enjoying your newfound freedom from the stresses of college. At the same time, you’re taking that huge, frightening step into the real world. Harshaw Trane believes in supporting young engineers by helping their future grow.

From co-ops and internships for current students to training positions for recent graduates, Harshaw Trane works with students to help provide vital experience. We provide hands-on, individualized training that fits with the student or graduate’s needs. In addition to opportunities at Harshaw Trane, we send one or two engineers each year to Trane’s Graduate Training Program in Wisconsin.

We spoke to two of our current associates – one an engineer in training, the other an engineering co-op – about their experiences at Harshaw Trane.

Adam is a recent University of Kentucky graduate. As an energy engineer in training, he works on a variety of projects from beginning to end to gain experience through the entire process. He chose Harshaw Trane because he finds it unique – from the opportunity it provided him as an engineer, to the energy industry, to the markets we serve, he felt that this was a one of a kind opportunity to learn and grow in his home-state of Kentucky. He says, “I’ve been learning more in the past year than I’ve learned in the past four. It’s been a lot of learning, and a great experience.”

Jack is a junior mechanical engineering student at the University of Louisville. As a co-op, his experience is tailored to the school’s requirements. While he’s here, he gets to work in a business environment for the first time, in addition to expanding his engineering education. Jack was also matched with a mentor, giving him a resource that’s with him every step of the way.

The priority of the program is to make sure that he is getting a valuable learning experience. His day- to- day work is a mixture of learning and doing, giving him the opportunity to apply what he is being taught. According to Jack, “It’s unbelievable to think where I started, and what I’m able to do now.”

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