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Updates to ENERGY STAR building metrics are coming this August


ENERGY STAR Certification Changes

ENERGY STAR is an important third-party certification program to Harshaw Trane and our Intelligent Services clients. An ENERGY STAR plaque indicating that a building is performing better than 75% or more of its peers is a clear indication that the goals of an Intelligent Services partnership are being achieved. Since the certification must be performed each year, this program also provides accountability ensuring performance improvements achieved are sustainable year after year. ENERGY STAR is such an important part of what we do at Harshaw Trane for our Intelligent Services clients, that we keep a close eye on any changes to the program. Since we have certified or are targeting certifying one or more of your buildings we wanted to share some important changes we are anticipating in the near future.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has previously based ENERGY STAR qualification on the dataset provided by the Energy Information Administration’s 2003 Commercial Building Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS). However, the recently released 2012 CBECS shows efficiencies among building types are increasing. The EPA has picked up on this and is currently reanalyzing how to properly assess exceptional building performance in terms of ENERGY STAR status. Changes for education and healthcare facilities will occur in the year 2018 and official notice is expected sometime later this year.

Here’s What We Think You Should Know About The Pending Changes:

  • ENERGY STAR status will become more difficult to reach once the changes in evaluations are released.
  • Current ENERGY STAR scores will change.
  • Previous ENERGY STAR building certifications will not be rescinded.
  • Any certifications made from now until the official change dates (TBD 2018) will still be determined by the current evaluation process in place.
  • The EPA’s basic approach of certification is not changing

Click here to see the full ENERGY STAR updates fact sheet.