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Graves Co. maintenance chief says “guaranteed performance contract” with HVAC firm helped reduce district’s energy costs more than $300,000 in first year

Graves County schools maintenance director John Oldham recently reported the school board’s guaranteed performance contact with Harshaw Trane in its first year has saved the district some $305,000.

“The Graves County Board of Education decided a couple of years ago to enter a guaranteed performance contract with Harshaw Trane HVAC (heating/ventilation/air conditioning) contractors of Louisville,” Oldham said. “We recently have collected enough data to determine how much money our school district saved over the past year, and it has far exceeded our expectations.”

He explained, “Our savings for electricity was $210,000. The guaranteed performance contract applies that savings toward the bond, or loan, payment of $114,000. Therefore, our net gain from our contract is a profit of $96,088. That’s actual money in our pocket. It’s money we did not spend that we were spending in the past, before this energy savings project.

“When we add the rebates for energy savings from this past year, we have a total of $195,643. Then, when we add our bond payment back into it, we have a total we saved in the past year on energy uses in the Graves County schools of $305,000.”

Oldham praised the school board, Shawn Crowe of Harshaw Trane and Jacob Clark, the school district’s lead maintenance technician, for the success.